Surgery Center EMR/EHR

A Custom Solution for Surgery Center Practices

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1st Providers Choice's fully-integrated, industry-leading Surgery Center EMR/PM software was designed with the help of experienced industry specialists and IT experts. Our software solution is intuitive and feature-rich and has succeeded in reducing the learning curve for surgery center providers and their staff.

Our Surgery Center EMR software is fully customizable. Providers can create patient records in the format they feel most comfortable with - whether it's using templates, transcription, dictation, or writing the notes by hand.

Our practice management system allows for automated billing, streamlined appointment scheduling, efficient check-in and check-out, and more. Our EMR-integrated patient portal allows patients to update demographic information, request prescription refills, view available appointments and communicate securely with their provider from the convenience of their own home.

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Surgery Center EMR Features

Industry Leading EMR Support

1st Providers Choice provides technical support services to all of our Surgery Center EMR clients. We employ professional, certified IT technicians that have experience working with surgery center facilities like yours.

Software Screenshots

Visit Note Forms

Visit Note Forms

IMS EMR features ambulatory surgery center visit note forms for your surgery center needs including surgical consent to be signed, anesthesia records, discharge instructions and more.

Operating Room Records

Operating Room Records

The ambulatory surgery center operating room records module will keep track and deduct the surgical supplies used in the operating room. The surgical staff will be able to review the preference cards as well as automatically deduct the supplies used from inventory. The operating room record feature will also track time spent in each department within the facility for the practices billing needs.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Operative Reports

Operative Reports

IMS EMR features ambulatory surgery center specific operative report forms and letters that facilities in your field use most with the ability to click your options or dictate right into the software. You also have the option of generating many custom operative reports with the input fields of your choice.

Ambulatory Surgery Center Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling

With an intuitive, customizable appointment scheduler, surgeons and staff can easily manage patient surgeries – including schedules for multiple facilities and operating rooms.

  • Reduce missed surgeries
  • Improve facility productivity
  • Eliminate overbookings

ambulatory surgery center patient dashboard

Patient Dashboard

The ambulatory surgery center patient dashboard offers a summary of all patient information stored within the EMR. Here, ambulatory surgery center specialists can view data such as demographics, problems, medications and more.

  • Get important information at-a-glance
  • Better understand your patients’ health
  • Make more informed decisions
Ambulatory Surgery Center Patient Documents Dashboard

Patient Documents

With the ambulatory surgery center patient documents staff has the ability to create a custom list of folders and subfolders to manage documents stored in each of your patients’ charts. Documents can then be sent through HIE, faxed, exported or emailed directly from the EMR.

  • Organize documents more efficiently
  • Easily find pertinent information
  • Increase productivity
Ambulatory Surgery Center Photo Album

Ambulatory Surgery Center Photo Album

The ambulatory surgery center photo album feature will store all operative surgery images within the EMR software. The images are able to be uploaded into the visit notes and operative reports with the ability to mark, sign, draw and type any specific areas of concern.

Surgery Center Prescriptions Software

Ambulatory Surgery Center Prescriptions Module

With our ambulatory surgery center prescription module you can manage patient’s medications. Our EMR features print, fax and electronic prescription submission, medication tracking, dosing information with a built in PDR, as well as electronic prescribing of narcotic medications.

  • Streamline prescription management
  • Reduce data entry errors
  • Increase patient safety
  • Meet MIPS requirements
Visit Note Forms

Visit Note Forms

IMS EMR features ambulatory surgery center visit note forms for your surgery center needs including surgical consent to be signed, anesthesia records, discharge instructions and more.